Sarah Farnham is a bicoastal wanderer. She loves Bangor, Maine, going upta camp, and writing. She’ll gladly share more poems with you — track her down at

Amy Gagnon is an artist and horticulturist from Mount Desert Island, Maine. She has been drawing and painting for over 15 years, mainly working in acrylic and oils. She has attended the Haystack Mountain School of Arts and Crafts, and is a member of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators.

Todd Heller was born in Lewistown, Pennsylvania, and is a former resident of Shamokin, PA; Albany, NY; Brooklyn, NY; Atlanta, GA; and Detroit, MI. He currently lives and works in Oakland, California. Todd graduated with a degree in applied science from the Junior College of Albany, New York, a division of Russell Sage, and also attended the Atlanta College of Art and the New School in New York.

Todd’s photography has appeared in magazines and group shows in New York, Miami and Atlanta. His work is not only influenced by other photographers, but also film, literature, music and painting. Some of the artists most important to his vision include Eugene Atget, Jim Jarmusch, Raymond Carver, Jean-Michel Basquiat and The Clash.

Megan Lynn Kott has been working for nearly a decade as a graphic designer and freelance illustrator. Her weapon of choice is watercolor paint. She paints cats, cute animals, sad animals, more cats, redheads, weird animals, flowers, and did I mention cats? Currently, she works with a variety of clients such as Old Navy, Chronicle Books, Gymboree, and Tea Collection. In addition to being an artist, she is a lifelong cat lover — her first word was “kitty.” Her first book came out through Chronicle Books in September 2015 under the name “Cattoos.” All work is created in Oakland, CA, under the supervision of a tiny Griffin she calls “cat.”

Adam Wyatt Lacher has been working in the nonprofit sector for over 13 years. The work began with a number of social justice and creative economy organizations in Maine and abroad, including Maine People’s Alliance, Maine People’s Resource Center, WERU Community Radio and U.S. El Salvador Sister Cities Network. For the past four years Adam has been collaborating on a number of projects focused on community engagement at United Way of Eastern Maine in Bangor … but it’s Bangor no longer for Lacher. He is currently leading the statewide advocacy efforts for the Alzheimer’s Association down in Portland. In his spare time he operates as founder of and chief contributing artist to AWOL Productions. His art has been published in Detritus, Salt Air, Tarratine, and The Beggar.

Val Mayerik has been a successful commercial illustrator for forty years and has worked in all fields of illustration from advertising to comic books to film pre-production. He attended Youngstown State University in Ohio, majoring in art and theater. Upon meeting Dan Adkins, then an inker for Marvel Comics, Val decided to focus on getting into the comics field. Dan helped with an intro to Marvel after Val had worked with him for a while and Val then moved on to New York City to get more comics work and to establish himself as an illustrator.

Val has done a great deal of work as a story board artist for advertising and has recently returned to comics on a more full time basis.

Chris Peary lives in Bangor, Maine. His art has appeared here and there in galleries and museums, and on the pages of Detritus. He has worked at various jobs in the printing industry, including several years as a copy editor at a daily newspaper.

Eryk Salvaggio lives in San Francisco. He earned his media and communications master’s at the London School of Economics in 2014, and writes when time allows for his website,

Nathan Slobodkin was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1954. He started studying musical instrument making and woodworking as a teenager and moved to Maine in 1976. He works as a violin and cello maker and has operated his own shop in Bangor, Maine, since finishing his training in 1993.

Dana Wilde’s writings have appeared over the last five decades in a wide variety of books, magazines, journals and newspapers, including Pluto: New Horizons for a Lost World, Exquisite Corpse, Puckerbrush Review, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, The North American Review, and many others. He lives in Troy, Maine.