Detritus Issue 2


Li’l Egotist, Gen Ed and Unbarred Lenticular Galaxy, comics by Chris Peary

The early adventures of comic book heroine Esther Babylonia. In Gen Ed, Esther enters college in 1999, on the cusp of a new millennium and a new discovery about herself and her place in the universe.

Me and Steve (A Memoir of the Writing Life in Maine), by Dana Wilde

Maine author Dana Wilde reflects on the elliptical orbits he and another prominent Maine author have traveled over the years, and the points where those orbits have crossed – sometimes blurring the lines between dream-reality and waking-reality.

On Locating One’s Self, a sequential art project by Amy J. Gagnon

Artist Amy Gagnon creates a detailed world to explore in her touchingly rendered visual travelogue-dream-diary of warmer times in the South Pacific.

Sorry We’re Open, drawings by Adam Wyatt Lacher

Adam Wyatt Lacher’s office stationary drawings work toward reconciling the need to create art and the requirement to earn a living.

On Awkwardly Consoling Japanese Schoolgirls, by Eryk Salvaggio

Author, blogger and world traveler Eryk Salvaggio faces loneliness, language barriers and the question of when it’s culturally appropriate to buy crying Japanese schoolgirls ice cream.

56 pages, black and white, full-color cover.